After a passionate phone conversation about excess, materialism, and waste, Every Little Everything was born.

We concede that while living a life of minimalist simplicity is worthy and ideal, "getting rid of all your stuff" is much easier said than done. Paring down excess is valuable, but our true pursuit is transparency and honesty in valuing our material possessions. 

Over the course of 2015, two artists will document (by way of their various disciplines) every single one of their possessions. Anything left undocumented after 11:59 p.m on December 31st, 2015 must be donated, sold or disposed of.


Corey Vaughan

Corey is a photographer based just on the fringes of Los Angeles, born and bred in those outskirt suburbs. His photography is earnest and direct, strange and nuanced. His work can be found in the recent Los Angeles issue of Boat Magazine (not about boats), traversing the blogosphere, and hanging in his parents' kitchen.

As for Every Little Everything, after a year of cataloging, editing, and photographing thousands of retail products, Corey is no stranger to an excess of things. He looks forward to showing his own excess to you. 

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Emily Okada

Emily is a designer and illustrator currently living in Los Angeles. She's worked as an in-house marketing graphic designer for the past 3 years, and therefore misses being super creative and freely, gratuitously artistic—so when AJ approached her with this project, her heart did a little happy dance and she immediately said yes. 

Also, she owns way too many things and loves those things too much, so this will be a wonderfully difficult confrontation with her life-long struggle with materialism. 

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